The road to adoption with NEAR, Celo & Nexus Mutual

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Manteuffelstraße 77 · Berlin

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Manteuffelstraße 77, 10999 Berlin, 2nd backyard to the right

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The road to adoption

We have big visions for the decentralized web to democratize access to finance, data and enable completely new kinds of products & organizations.

How do we get towards mainstream adoption, while upholding our values?

Greenfield One, NEAR Protocol, Celo and Nexus Mutual invite for an evening of lightning talks, panel discussion as well as relaxed mingling with drinks & pizza.


Lightning talks:

Illia Polosukhin, co-founder & CTO of NEAR - a sharded, developer-friendly, proof-of-stake public blockchain

+ Sustainable blockchain app development on NEAR
- App development patterns (built on heterogeneous á la Polkadot vs. homogeneous á la NEAR sharded layer 1 protocols) and what the two approaches translate to for app developers
- Business models for decentralized applications
- Developer incentives on the protocol level through token economics

Discord Community:
Claire Belmont, Product on Celo - an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone
+ The role of ultra-light clients & incentivized full-nodes in driving global adoption
- How does in-depth user research inform Celo's protocol design?

Recent testnet launch:
Hugh Karp, founder of Nexus Mutual - a decentralized alternative to insurance

+ Fear and loathing in crypto
- How does Nexus Mutual help alleviate some of the fear of interacting with smart contracts

Live product:
Illia Polosukhin (NEAR), Claire Belmont (Celo) & Hugh Karp (Nexus Mutual)