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We've grown. We have three organizers. Contact any of us with ideas and suggestions to create value for you.

Raj Gavurla, Organizer and Creating Ambassadors of Greenville, 864.334.8156, raj@rajgavurla.com

Sophie Valerio, Success & Happiness Enabler, 603.252.0610, greenvillebang@gmail.com

Richard Bivans, Local Online Strategist, 864-640-8808, rbivans@bnc-imarketing.com

We help Greenville businesses succeed through a variety of business activities. For example, we have engaging speakers, coaching, hands on workshops (more than networking and a sales presentation), and structured business networking meeting, and dinner meetings. We want to also have larger business community events.

Each meeting will have not just one activity but a variety to engage and have fun. Briefly about me, I'm author of Winning At Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial motivational speaker, and a mindset, mood, motivation expert, business/personal coach.

Most of the time we meet at public locations and sometime at a private residence. When meeting at a private resident we limit the attendance to 10 people. However, you can still receive the month's handout to work on if you don't get a spot. You benefit but don't get the advantage of learning how others do it in their business and brainstorming for your specific needs and market to rejuvenate.

This is only for current entrepreneurs and business owners who have a company or want to start one.

Grow With A BANG,

Raj Gavurla

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TransWorld Business Advisors

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