11. Growth Marketing Berlin Meetup @Facebook

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Kemperplatz 1 · Berlin

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Kemperplatz. 1, 10785

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Dear Growth Marketers Berlin,

Looking forward to the 11th edition of Growth Marketing Meetup in Berlin at Facebook's office on 18.09. Doors open at 18:30 and we'll kick off at 19:15, see talk details below.

We are switching it up with a new format, we will have 2 speakers and a panel, read more about it below.

Some more details:

Place: Facbook |
Kemperplatz 1 (7th Floor) | 10785 Berlin |
Time: 18:45 (Talks start at 19:15)
Date: Tuesday, 18.09



1. Marcel Fritz from Facebook
2. Marcel Knopf from Fastlane Marketing
- Small Break -
3. Jan Neutard from Peaks & Pies
4. Ulf Pralle from Sales Cloud

More details on the speakers and their talks coming soon.

After the talks we will have enough time for some beers, questions and some networking!