12. Growth Hacking Berlin Meetup @DCMN

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Boxhagener Straße 18 · Berlin

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Boxhagener Straße 18

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Dear Growth Marketers Berlin,

Looking forward to the 12th edition of Growth Hacking Meetup in Berlin at DCMN's office on 13.11. Doors open at 18:45 and we'll kick off at 19:15, see talk details below.

Some more details:

Place: DCMN | Boxhagener Str. 18 (5th Floor), 10245 Berlin, Germany
Time: 18:45 (Talks start at 19:15)
Date: Tuesday, 13.11



1. "Growth marketing approach US vs. EU, what are the differences and how do we do it @DCMN (innovation force approach of testing, building and promoting new products)" by Christian Schulz, Head of Growth Solutions at DCMN

2. "Few hacks and fails that build the labiotech community and traffic" by Maxime Leenhardt, Head of Marketing & Growth at Labiotech

Bio: Maxime boosted the traffic of Labiotech by 220% and the community to 40k followers. He did so by testing every possible growth hack, growing a network in the space and clicking on every button he could find.

3. "Growing a high trust product in a highly regulated market. – When sneakiness is not what matters." by Lara Hämmerle, Founder at Vantik

Bio: Lara is a data-driven product person with a passion for marketing. Founder at Vantik - a modern retirement account.


After the talks we will have enough time for some beers, questions and some networking!