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Hacktoberfest 2019 - Munich - Project Lantern

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Bettina Opitz PIXEL G. and 2 others
Hacktoberfest 2019 - Munich - Project Lantern


Some of you may remember the Google Lantern project (, the desk lamp with integrated projector and camera. It was powered by the Android Things plattform, which is not continued since May this year. So we decided to bring back some life to that project.

Our idea is to implement a finger tracking on the projected image which control the mouse movement. The base system is a plain Raspberian image and the tracking will be in python.

Your part would be to build up a little game or a small application for this kind of input, like a TicTacToe game or a touchable ui. For starters a background must be displayed as ui window / fullscreen browser and the mouse input should be grabed for controlls. We would suggest to work in groups on your machines, since its mostly more fun to code together. Your apps will also be running on a real lantern (image above) and can also be tested on a identical raspberry pi system.

We would like you to publish your progress as Pull Requests on a central GitHub repository. This will give you the option to get a free shirt from the Hacktoberfest sponsors of this year (after the registration at

If you have questions about anything of the idea or around the event, don't hesitate and send a message. See you there...

Agenda (planned):
07:00 PM Arrival with drinks
07.30 PM Intro to the tracking mechanism by Markus Pöschl & Michael Ziegler
08:00 PM Start with the implementation of apps or games in groups
08:30 PM Schnitzel and further programming (open end)

Looking forward to meet you guys (again).
Please read the Events Code of Conduct before attending.

This event is sponsored by Mixed Mode GmbH and PIXEL GmbH

Lochhamer Schlag 17 · Gräfelfing
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