Building a fully automated Fast Data Platform

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Hi guys,

hot summer - hopefully, cool talk - definitely!

End of July it´s time to have a chat about end-to-end data pipeline SMACK. Please welcome our speaker and bleeding edge IT rockstar Bernd! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you!




Many people promise fast data as the next step after big data. The idea of creating a complete end-to-end data pipeline that combines Spark, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka, and Apache Mesos came up two years ago, sometimes called the SMACK stack. The SMACK stack is an ideal environment for handling all sorts of data-processing needs which can be nightly batch-processing tasks, real-time ingestion of sensor data or business intelligence questions. The SMACK stack includes a lot of components which have to be deployed somewhere. Let’s see how we can create a distributed environment in the cloud with Terraform and how we can provision a Mesos-Cluster with Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) to create a powerful fast data platform.

About Bernd

Bernd Zuther has been working as programmer and consultant since nearly 10 years. He is working at codecentric AG. Bernd has well-grounded knowledge in areas like Big Data, Continuous Delivery and agile software architectures. Furthermore he has solid experience in implementing highly available online shops.