[EN] Improving code quality with Loose coupling - Nemanja Ljubinkovic

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About the presenter - Nemanja Ljubinkovic:

I’m a software craftsman, teacher and constant learner. I started my career as an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Even if I’m not teaching anymore at the faculty and I switched my career to the software development and architecture, I kept my passion to teach.
I strongly believe that software is a craft. Writing good software requires skill and attention. I’m always striving to become more skilful, to produce better software and to provide more value. Also, one of my main professional aspirations is to help other developers to become better at and care about their craft. I see that as an opportunity to grow together.

About the presentation - Improving code quality with Loose coupling:

Probably every bad practice or antipattern has something in common with coupling.
There is a phrase known between developers that coupling is the root of all evil in programming.

In this lecture, we will see why coupling is bad for our design and how to avoid it. Also, we will
learn how to properly decouple our solutions so that they can be more maintainable over time.