2nd Hamburg Unity Meetup

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6:30 pm: Welcome Note

6:45 - 7:15 pm: Automatic Asset Validation

Pierre Korsowski, Goodgame Studios

Working with a multi-disciplinary team on Unity projects requires all member to agree on certain conventions and structures for assets. But documenting all these conventions is time consuming and the documentation will be outdated soon. Additionally checking the adherence to these conventions is still a manual process and error-prone. In this talk I will present our approach, called Asset Validators, to make these conventions executable via Unity Editor scripts and how these scripts could even fix certain issues. I will present advantages and limitations of our approach and also some tips & tricks on implementing these Asset Validators.

7:15 - 7:45 pm: Multithreading with Unity

Arne Held, Innogames

Many modern games need heavy computations for features like procedural content generation. Those tasks will consume a lot of CPU power, drop the frame rate and create high peaks. With the help of threads the heavy work can be moved to background threads, which do not influence the frame rate directly. The tasks can be calculated over the time of several frames. Then they are synchronized with the rest of the game again. The presentation will give an overview on how to do that in Unity.

Afterwards we’d like to invite you for a snack and some drinks. Please also use this time to network and chat.