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Introductory online wine course
http://bit.ly/IntroductoryWineCourse INTRODUCTORY ONLINE WINE COURSE My friends from Happy Belly Fish now organize such courses with online support and live stream. You can now enroll to a 4 weeks course during which you will learn a lot about wines, their history, how to taste them, the wine regions, the wine making, etc... Plan: Every week, a new set of courses is put online so you can learn gradually. Your Teacher: Svetlana Ruiz-Kasparova is a wine expert who has been working with wine estates across Europe for over eight years. She runsregular wine seminars and tastingsin Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Svetlana is a graduate of the famous wine school “Entoria” and a Wine Games medalist. So get advantage of her online teaching and develop your knowledge on wines within only 4 weeks! REGISTRATION NEEDED AND PAYMENT AT: http://bit.ly/IntroductoryWineCourse

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What is better than a 'regular' MeetUp?*

This is the official Wine Tasting Club in Hamburg:

Our group is the biggest Wine Tasting Club in Hamburg with almost 400 Wine Tasters (06/10/2015)!

A group for wine lovers!

We are all about tasting, tasting and tasting some more wines! And you don't need to be a wine expert: you will become one!

People can organize wine tasting events of different kinds here and you can be sure there is one right tasting for you!

Wine is a great "product" that brings people together

whatever for social or business purposes. Wine is also a complex product which needs lots of work and intervention of men/women before it arrives on your table and bring you so much pleasure.

Let's value all this

work and people: let's regularly organize some tastings, dinners, visits to wine regions and discover some interesting facts about wines.


*Answer is: a MeetUp with great wine discoveries each time! :)))

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