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Hannover's monthly JavaScript Meetup. Awesome talks, cool drinks and delicious pizza will be awaiting you! Checkout our website for the talks and more info: hannoverjs.de (http://hannoverjs.de/) --- Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this meetup in English? A: No. This meetup is primarily in German, but if we have Non-German speaking attendees, we try to switch to English. Q: Is this meetup free? A: Yes. The location, drinks and food are sponsored by NewStore (http://www.newstore.com/). But if we see someone abusing this meetup and has no interest in the talks or in participating, we reserve the right to exclude persons.


Bödekerstraße 56 NewStore · Hannover

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HannoverJS is a usergroup focused on JavaScript and related topics. The idea has gained great interest around Lower-Saxony's JavaScript folks. We meet regularly on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6.30pm at NewStore, Bödekerstraße 56 in Hannover.

Visit our website for more information: http://hannoverjs.de

You can also find us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/hannoverjs), Facebook (http://facebook.com/hannoverjs) or Slack (http://slack.hannoverjs.de).

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