Worum es bei uns geht

This group is for all professionals who would like to be inspired and want to learn more on how to increase happiness at work for themselves and their team members.
Being a Chief Happiness Officer trained by 2 renowned French consulting companies in this field, I gained a lot of know-how, training ideas and tools to share with you so that we can all influence our work environments and be happier at work.

How and Why will we meet?
I am planning to organise and facilitate events every few months in order for us to discuss the topic, share ideas, experiences and brainstorm together on how we can improve our work environments.

Companies today are developing a more mindful approach of doing business, and they are realising the immense importance of the people in the process. Therefore, there is an increased focus on how to facilitate a happier, more trusting and empowering culture in the office.

JOIN the group to get inspired and to be part of a community which helps to increase happiness in companies.

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Happiness Leader Course - Full Day


980,00 CHF
Happiness at work for yourself & your team


15,00 CHF
Happiness at work: Why & How? Presentation & Workshop

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