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This is a group for all people, who are interested in healing themselves through spiritual techniques and concepts such as self-love and self-care.

When we truly learn to love ourselves we take the responsibility for ourselves back and also we become able to truly love others and accept the love of others.

There will be workshops on various related topics, combining guided meditations, singing, dancing, reparenting techniques, bioenergetic exercises and much more.

The host is Malou. She holds a Master´s degree in cultural and social psychology and is trained as a spiritual counsellor and ThetaHealer. With many years of experience in meditation and inner child work Malou shares her passion for self-love and spirituality with others and supports them on their spiritual path. She is also available for individual coaching sessions. If you are interested, feel free to send a request or read more about her offer: https://erliebe-dich.de/self-love-coaching/

If you like online-courses, you might want to take part in the healing the inner child online-course. The course language is German. Find out more about the course here: https://erliebe-dich.de/online-kurs-inneres-kind-heilen/

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Inner Child Intense - Dig deeper

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Anxiety Release Breathing

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Inner Child - Ancestral Healing

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Own your Anger - Step into your Power

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