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Swimming in the Limmat
Hello dear Healthy being, if you wish to join the Limmat swim and strengthen your body, join me to that swim. I will give you a short introduction on the "why" you should do it and then you will tell me if you want to do it. I am a trained life guard (SLRG), I did also the Hypothermia Module and I am swimming in the cold since 2015. Take with you all the necessary to swim, flip/flop, safe buoy (something like the orange donut here below, if you have it) and a Thermos. See you there! Massimo ps: Limmat temperature https://awel.zh.ch/internet/baudirektion/awel/de/wasser/messdaten/wassertemperatur.html#aktuelle-daten

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Do you want to experience a new way of training and feeling healthy? The best from different sports and "gurus" will be combined and you won't find something similar in any bootcamp or gym. The focus will definitely lie on things that are missing elsewhere.

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