Meet Cliniserve - Smart Patient Communication Tools in Hospitals// MedTech Event


The job of nursing and caregiving in hospitals and elderly facilities can be a back-breaking hard job. No other job has such a high fluctuation of well-trained specialist and the shortage can have dramatic consequences for the healthcare system and the patients. Recent studies showed that less than 15 % of the working time can be classified as actual medical related caregiving activities. Often times trivial and simple request of patients like opening a window takes over valuable time and generates a stressful working environment. Of course, patient have every right to be comfortable and should not hesitate to express wishes and needs, but many of these task could be done by medically-untrained service staff.

According to Julian Nast-Kolb and his companies assumption the problem might be caused by a lack of smart patient - hospital staff communication. Right now, it is rather binary with the well-known red button which actually is supposed to be an emergency button. Cliniserves approach is to use basic technology like a smartphone in order to generate better communication between patients and staff. How this is to be done technologically, what challenges are faced bringing such a solution into clinics and what impact they are generating, he and his team will explain to the Health Hacker community.

After the presentation we will discuss several other similar use cases and concepts in a few interdisciplinary groups.

18:30 – 18:45 Opening and Introduction
18:45 – 19:45 Pitch, Demo and QA
19:45 – 20:45 General Discussion and Use Cases
after 20:45 – Drinks & Chat

* The talk and discussion might be in English or German depending on audience and speakers

Everyone is free to join this event. The audience is the Health Hacker community (physicians, care givers, engineers, programmers and hackers) and both the medical and medical technology students of the lecture “New technologies and methods for the future of healthcare”. So we can analyze this concept from the medical as well as the technical aspect.

Looking forward to meet you all!


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