Cancer Management App - Project Group Meeting #1


Help us to create an ecosystem app for digital cancer management – from the community for the community!

We are about to continue our journey that impressively just started at our Cancer Management Hackathon on the weekend of the 19th till 20th of October 2019. There is so much to talk about this project, but let´s keep it brief for now:

Because patient should focus on fighting cancer and not fight bureaucracy. They are in need to have a smart and customizable app ecosystem solution to fit their cancer management to their cancer.

Driven by the community for the community in the spirit of an open source project.

Who should join?
Everyone who is interested can join, but especially people with app programming skills (e.g. React), backend, UI / UX or open source project experience

Who is leading the project?
Krebskriegerin as cancer blogger and inspiration of this idea and the Health Hackers e.V. as technology community

What happens at the first event?
This time we will briefly introduce the challenge to all newcomers and then both review and analyze the results as we want to consolidate them later on anyways. Afterwards we do an open discussion how to successfully continue this project.
Please don´t expect us to have everything figured out, but be the helping hand to figure out stuff and make this vision of a better digital cancer management reality! If you are in, you can already remember our warrior chant: “Ready? Let´s fight!”

For more Information on this project please check out the hackathon website ( To join the discussion use slack (