Digital Cancer Management - Open Hacksprint #2

Health Hackers Erlangen
Health Hackers Erlangen
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Help us to create one digital ecosystem to manage cancer – from the community for the community!

Join us in one of our regular open hacking sessions – no prior knowledge about the project is necessary. There will be a brief introduction and many friendly fellow cancer hackers who are happy to share their knowledge about the project. There will be defined challenges and tasks for people with all different skill sets. Everyone should be able to start working and collaborating right away.

10:00 – 10:30: Community Breakfast Summa cum Laugengebäck (Weißwurstfrühstück)
10:30 – 11:00: Intro & Briefing on challenges / tasks
11:00 – Open End: Open Hacking in several rooms

There will be food and drinks!

Drop in & out whenever you feel comfortable – no obligations, no hard feelings. We are happy about every minute you join the fight for a better digital cancer management!

Project Information:
About the Digital Cancer Management Project - there is so much to talk about this project, but let´s keep it short for now:


Because patient should focus on fighting cancer and not bureaucracy. They need to have a smart and customizable app ecosystem solution to fit their cancer management to their cancer.


Driven by the community for the community in the spirit of an open source project.
Who should join?
Everyone who is interested can join, but especially people with app programming skills (e.g. React), backend, UI / UX or open source project experience.

1. Foundation: Create an open-source environment for the app which enables community-driven development and implementation of application modules.
2. Modular Applications: Create a patient specific, modular environment. Once the foundation for the app is set and the patient was guided through an on-boarding process, it should be possible to search for available application modules and activate them on demand. Potential Modules are e.g. medication plan, diary of related conditions & side effects or clinical trial support

Doing so, the sensitive topic of data privacy is not a feature, it is a Must. Users should only share their data with clear intent and full transparency for instance with their oncologist or relatives.

3. Patient Centric Design:
To provide a channel for cancer patients to express their problems and needs in order for community developers to pick them up and solve them a centralized interface is needed to collect relevant information and keep the community updated about current activities and challanges.

Who is hosting the project?
Krebskriegerin as cancer blogger is the source of inspiration and initiator together with the Health Hackers e.V. as technology community. The project with its open source character is designed to be community driven. The declared goal is to establish an independent and sustainable organization or foundation (e.g. Mozilla Foundation) for digital cancer management to create one digital ecosystem to manage cancer – from the community for the community.
For more Information on this project please check out the project website ( To join the vibrant discussion use slack (