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Sunday Writing @ Chocolaterie YilliY HD
Directions: Its right next to the church (Heiliggeistkirche) in the HD Altstadt. Easier to walk from Altstadt Bahnhof (10 min) or Bismarckplatz (20 min). Nearest Bus stops: Alte Brücke, Universitätsplatz & Rathaus Bergbahn -------------------------------------------------------- General Info: About the group: Everyone writes on their own topics. Works are usually not shared. The insistence is just on writing. We normally try to pack in two to three writing sessions 30 to 40 mins each with breaks in between. Rest of the time we socialize. How to find us. Either you find us: Bunch of people with laptops and notebooks. Please call right away if you don't find us. Sometimes there is no internet reception at the places. Its easier than whatsapp or sms or online commenting. We might tend to miss the messages or comments online. Or we find you: As the group is small and most of us know each other, we don't have a meet-up board or shirt labels to identify ourselves. Have your profile picture updated so one of us could find you. Disclaimer Sometimes it can be the case that people might not turn-up or can come late. If you get caught alone (Not too often, but it can happen), just carry on with your writing! Eventually someone will come or don't mind and just come to the next meetup. Important is that you wrote something during this time. -------------------------------------------------------------------

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    This is a group for people who want to write -- whether you write as a hobby or an aspire to be a best-selling author; whether you write for a living, for sanity or just for fun. It doesn't matter if you write in English or German, or even Klingon.

    Poets, novelists, academics, all are welcome. Let's turn this otherwise unsocial activity into a social event, meet like minded people, share ideas and have a good time.

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