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Our group is for people who are interested in how Blockchain can be equally effective in developing higher levels of human consciousness as it can with technological advances. This is a group for both beginners and advanced individuals, wishing to find our more about how this revolutionary period in human social and technological development, may pan out in the immediate future.

Appealing to futurists, philosophers, investors, activists, businesses and searchers, the content of our meetings will combine social events, with talks and collaborations with other Meet Up groups in a similar space. Thus membership with this group will give you the opportunity to experience a wide range of cutting edge topics, that will have a demonstrable impact on your personal and business life in the coming year.

Some of the issues we are keen to get to grips with are listed below:

How the development of a decentralised register/blockchain of human awareness will impact on our personal and professional lives.

The background of Bitcoin, and why what started as a path to decentralisation, community and collaboration, has led to civil war, and a route back into the mainstream.

The bubble issue that won't go away, and the reality behind the media hype.

Future contracts, Korean exchanges, Banks and Government regulations that affect the growth.

Strategies and theories behind the Bitcoin and crypto story

What lessons cam be learned from the Bitcoin experiment

The basics of Blockchain & business implementation.

How decentralisation has to be coupled with advances in human consciousness and awareness, or pay the price of all revolutions in human history.

How to invest in Bitcoin, ICO's and other cryptos - the safety of your money

Deeper conversations and discussions into the truth behind AI, how it is developing and changing our lives now, and how it will change society beyond our comprehension in the immediate future.

Our goal as a group, is to give our members the heads up, inside track and advanced knowledge of what's happening, and what's going to happen; so they can be ahead of the game in a year set to move very rapidly on all fronts.

So if you are interested in your future, and that means your investments, your finances, your freedom, your job, your business, your children, your relationships, your retirement, and ultimately your way of life, then join us as we take the next step into the future of the HUMAN BLOCKCHAIN.

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