Hyperledger Vienna #4: Beyond Fabric, Ledger Lite, and the Blockchain Camera

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IBM Client Center

Obere Donaustrasse 95, 1020 Vienna · Wien

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Saal 1, 13th floor. Location details: https://www.ibm.com/ibm/clientcenter/vienna/

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Join us for the fourth Hyperledger Vienna meetup. We have a good mix of interesting talks about Hyperledger, and Blockchain technology at large.

[1] Beyond Fabric: An overview of other Hyperledger projects - Gerhard Dinhof (45 min)
[2] Ledger Lite https://github.com/openblockchains/ledger.lite.rb - Gerald Bauer (30 min)
[3] Blockchain Camera - Alexander Sommer (30 min)

followed by the usual social gathering.

You want to tell everyone about something cool you are doing with Hyperledger or Blockchain technology in general? This is your chance, we are always looking for talks and mini-talks. Write on the Meetup wall or contact one of the organizers to get on the agenda.