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We're hosting our next Frankfurt Meetup on 19th June 2019. This time we will focus on HPC topics due to the parallel running ISC (Super computing conference) in Frankfurt.


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#17:30 Arrive and refreshments

#18:00 Welcome
Jo Karajanov (CIO @ Frankfurt School), Dilek Sezgün (Leader Infrastructure for AI, Big Data and Open Source @ IBM)

#18:15 Spectrum LSF HPC Suite integration with Watson ML Community Edition.
Speaker: Florin Manaila (Senior IT Architect @ IBM)
During the presentation will be shown how you can manage multiple GPUs in a different system (AC922, DGX-1, etc) and how LSF Application Center can offer to Data Scientists an easy way in AIOps (ie. TensorFlow, Pytorch, Data Visualization, etc) by integrating Watson ML Community Edition (former IBM PowerAI Base).

#18:45 Latest Trends in AI/ML/NLP: Deep Learning and Beyond: Explainable AI, GANs, NLP, Graph-ConvNets, PLNs, Tools, Hardware Acceleration
Speaker: Thomas Pötter (Data Scientist @ Microstaxx)
Deep Learning has been dominating AI/ML/NLP since 2012. We present its culmination points (GANs, NLP, Acceleration Techniques, etc.) and its remaining limitations. Then potential successor technologies are presented: Explainable AI; Semi-Supervised Learning; Graph-ConvNets; Probabilistic Logic Network (PLNs); Autonomous Driving; Combination of Classical Lexicalist NLP, Hybrid Graph-ConvNet & PLN Architectures; Corporate Memory Architecture; AI Tools: Uber Horovod, Ludwig, Kubeflow; Future Trends; Optimized Systems for AI Workloads; Technology Waves and their Cost Curves

#19:15 Supercomputer from IBM: Summit and Sierra
Speaker: David Turek (Vice President, HPC and OpenPower @ IBM)
Summit and Sierra, supercomputers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, are now ranked the #1 and #2 fastest computers. They are helping us model supernovas, pioneer new materials and explore cancer, genetics and the environment — using technologies available to all businesses. Summit or OLCF-4 is the fastest supercomputer in the world, capable of 200 petaflops. Its current LINPACK benchmark is clocked at 143.5 petaflops.

#19:45 Wrap up & get together followed by refreshments


IBM will be represented at the ISC in Frankfurt.
If you are interested in an appointment during the conference,
please contact us here via Meetup. Afterwards we will get in touch with you.

Special thanks to our venue sponsor – Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

How to find us?

Frankfurt School of Finance
Adickesallee[masked] Frankfurt am Mai
Room: S0.02

Please look for parking sports nearby or use public transport. Nearest Station: „Deutsche Nationalbibliothek“. Public parking: „APCOA Parkhaus Grünhof“.

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