• Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 2. Nov. 2018
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 11. Sept. 2017
    CEO of TeamBlockchain Ltd, a Blockchain, Digital Assets and funds specialist,25 years+ as CEO of an asset management business Focused on financial innovation, advising on Digital Assets, Tokenomics, Crypto funds and regularly speak on these topics.
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 20. Juni 2017
    I believe Distributed Ledger technology is one the most important technological innovations currently. I want to contribute to the Collective knowledge base of Blockchain & ICOs
  • Organisator
    Beigetreten 19. Juni 2017
    I'm passionate about learning more about what Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology can enable - new business models, new services, new funding, p2p, etc. etc.