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Technologie ist divers. So auch unser INNOQ Technology Lunch! Wir widmen uns in regelmäßigen Abständen den verschiedensten Themen aus Softwareentwicklung, -architektur und Produktentwicklung. Ob Entwickler*in, Designer*in oder CTO – Du bist herzlich eingeladen zu einem virtuellen Mittag mit Vorträgen und Austausch. Gutes Essen und Getränke können wir Dir in Zeiten von #StayHome leider nicht anbieten, gemütlich machen wir es uns trotzdem!

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Spacying out: Behind the scenes of our accessible open space moderation app

On the INNOQ Accessibility Day last month we’ve showcased the user-facing part of Spacy and demonstrated how it levels the playing field for all the participants of our open space events. In this stream we switch our attention to what’s happening behind the scenes. We’ll discuss the architecture of Spacy, some technological choices we’ve made, and take you on a tour through our Clojure backend. We’ll also save you a slideshow; we’ll be streaming from the comfort of our IDE and let your live questions drive this episode. In this session, we want to start with our frontend architecture then go deeper to look at the backend architecture and database as well. If we don’t get to everything (which is likely) we will continue our deep dive in a follow up session. Since Spacy is open source, you’re more than welcome to follow our work on GitHub.

With Joy Heron (twitter.com/iamjoyheron) and Jan Stępień (twitter.com/janstepien)

Join us from your home office!
Livestream with Q&A at October 20th from 12:15–13:00 CEST

The Berlin Code of Conduct applies to the event (https://berlincodeofconduct.org/de/). Get in touch with us at [masked].

All past episodes can be re-watched here: https://www.innoq.com/de/technology-lunch/

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