• IOHK Summit

    Miami Beach Convention Center

    IOHK are pleased to announce that tickets for our 2019 Summit are now on sale! We’ve got lots planned for the summit in April – here are a few things to look forward to: - Collaborative hackathon with IOHK engineers - Workshops and talks from all areas of IOHK development - Updates on Cardano development plans, including the vision for Cardano 2020 - An exhibition exploring the blockchain in an immersive, virtual reality audiovisual experience - A cryptographic puzzle game in Miami (with prize!) - Live interviews from the members of The Cardano Effect podcast - Special announcements from IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson Please head over to the IOHK Summit website to RSVP for your place. Please note that RSVP to Meetup does not secure your entry to the event, you must go to iohksummit.io to purchase your tickets. We look forward to welcoming you to Miami this April and meeting you amidst the sun, sea, and sand of beautiful Miami Beach. Regards, Team IOHK

  • The Symphony Immersive Experience


    We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of the next phase of the Symphony project. The Symphony Exhibit is a touring multi sensory immersive physical experience that brings to life the origin of the blockchain. A piece of art that evokes curiosity and delves into the vast and interconnected stories of the Bitcoin Blockchain through the Bitcoin mempool. Interconnected and consistent, the breadth of Symphony experiences allow us to communicate both the macro and micro of the Bitcoin Blockchain - anywhere, everywhere. The creators of the Symphony Exhibit will introduce the project and there will be ample opportunity to talk to the makers, enjoy the experience and network with others in the local creative & crypto community. Please note that this will be a filmed event.

  • Inaugural PlutusFest with IOHK

    Teviot Lecture Theatre (Doorway 5)

    At IOHK, we are excited to invite you to attend the inaugural PlutusFest in Edinburgh, Scotland. PlutusFest will be taking place at The University of Edinburgh on the 11th of December. The event will feature various speakers, including IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson speaking about IOHK's visionary research & development. The Plutus platform is a general purpose functional programming environment for third-generation blockchains, such as Cardano. Plutus draws from modern language research to provide a safe, full-stack programming environment based on Haskell, the leading purely functional programming language. Marlowe is a domain specific language that provides domain experts in functional contracts an accessible, domain-specific environment. We are proud to present Plutus and Marlowe to the world and are looking forward to seeing what people will do with it. At this one day event, we would also like to open discussions to the public on being involved in the future developments of the project, to share ideas and collaborate. Please RSVP to reserve your attendance. Learn more at https://plutusfest.io We look forward to hosting you at our PlutusFest event. To prepare you for the discussions at the public event on December 11th, we encourage you to read ahead, please see the pre-read here: https://plutusfest.io/IOHK_PlutusFest_preread.pdf

  • Symphony Of Blockchains - London Kick off

    We invite the community in London to join us for this inaugural IOHK event, featuring an unforgettable evening of blockchain visualisation to showcase our new Symphony of Blockchains project, a lineup of special speakers, including IOHK's CEO, Charles Hoskinson and guests in the blockchain space - and a networking reception to end the night! Where: 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Ln, Shoreditch, London E1 6QL Agenda: 6:15pm (open to public for arrival) Registration and welcome 6:30pm Quick introduction speech by IOHK to welcome everyone 6:45pm Symphony of Blockchains presentation (Mark Lundin, Kuva & Scott Darby, IOHK) 7:30pm Charles Hoskinson, CEO, IOHK: Building third generation blockchains and Cardano 8:30pm Lars Brunjes, Director of Education, IOHK: Incentives talk 9:00pm Networking reception and open bar The creators of Symphony will be guiding you through the experience and talking about the story behind its creation. They will also talk about the development process and the challenges in bringing a huge dataset like the Bitcoin Blockchain to life in a web-based format. There will also be the chance to preview some of the exciting new developments the team are working on in the next iteration of the project and have a chance to share ideas with the team. We look forward to meeting the community and sharing this project with you. RSVP to secure your place at this event!