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IOTA's vision is to enable all connected devices to make available its properties and data in real time to enable entirely new general purpose applications. This, in turn, will transform the value chains in the IoT (Internet of things), Industry 4.0, and beyond (e.g., smart city, smart living,...).

IOTA strives to fulfill this (admittedly ambitious) vision through a permissionless and feeless distributed ledger called the Tangle, endowed with an intrinsic token (also called IOTA), messaging, smart contracts and oracles for the Tangle with the outside world (Qubic).

This meetup discusses all technical, organizational, or societal foundations, aspects, or implications of making this future happen with a slight geographic preference for Vienna, Austria.

We welcome technologists, (simple and sophisticated) users, developers, engineers, managers, nerds, novices, scientists, professionalists, sceptics, visionaries, and any person interested, affected, cautious, or convinced in the cause of IOTA.

Because the IOTA token and cryptocurrency is an intrinsic part of IOTA's ecosystem, some small and limited cryptocurrency and crypto-investment related discussions may be conducted here as well. This meetup, though, is NOT focused on giving investment advice or commenting the past or second-guessing the future course evolution of the IOTA token. You'd need to organize a separate meetup for that :)

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