• JavaScript for Beginners Workshop - Watch Party

    Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel

    The JavaScript for WordPress conference is taking place online from July 11 - 13th 2019. We are hosting a watch party on July 11 for beginners who want to learn JavaScript so if you would like to learn, join us, RSVP and join us. These workshops are for beginners! In the first four hours, learn the basics of the JavaScript language and how to add JS to a WordPress site. The next four hours will be for: React Workshop Learn the basics of React, the JavaScript library and how to use it in WordPress. You can also watch online from your home or office, register here: https://javascriptforwp.com/conference/ Don't forget to tweet where you are watching from, tag @WPIjebu and use the hashtag #JSforWPConf There will be light refreshments and drinks. Please come with your own PC. Thank you.

  • Taking Great Photos Using Your Smartphone for your blog or Website

    Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel

    We will be hosting a Mobile Photography Masterclass in partnership with our friends from Lagos. We share practical tips on how to take great photos using only your smartphone and or DSLR if you have one. How to get pre-approval before taking photos of people, and understanding what kind of pictures you can post on the world wide web. We will also look at some free photo sharing websites during this meetup.

  • WordPress Meetup

    Veranstaltungsort für Mitglieder sichtbar

  • Are you an NGO founder, employee or volunteer? Let's meet up!

    We will get to know one another, our works and the impacts we have made. We will talk about how long we have been operating if we are not new. We will share the website tech challenges and the opportunities we have come across, what WordPress tools we use on our websites if we have one, and identify those willing to share their wealth of experience in the industry at future meetups.

  • Join us to learn WordPress Basics and how teachers can use WordPress

    Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel

    At this Meetup, we will have resource people to teach us about the basics of WordPress. This includes, but is not limited to the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, how to use WordPress for a blog and WordPress Best Practices. We will also look at how teachers can use WordPress to aid and maximise productivity in their jobs and classrooms. There will also be a motivational session where we listen to and get inspired by the success stories of people using WordPress to do great things. Meetup is especially open to WordPress newbies and beginners. • What to bring Notebook/Laptop

  • Let us discuss blogging for professional & personal development

    Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel

    Have you ever thought about how you can use your blog for professional/personal development? Blogging can serve as a way to build your resume outside of just your school or job. At this meetup, we will be having Mary enlighten us about the importance of blogging. This includes, but not limited to the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, how and why to blog and leverage its opportunity for professional development as well as Best Practices as a blogger. Light refreshments will be available. See you there.

  • Meet & Greet with WordPress Users in Ilishan-Remo

    Babcock University Superstore Galleria

    Meetup Agenda • 12:00 - 12:30pm: Introductions • 12:30 - 02:15pm: Open Discussion: WordPress tips and helpful resources. Open discussion about all things WordPress • 02:10 - 2:30pm: Rounding up and networking Please Note: To enter into the university, you should have a valid ID card to show security at the entrance and you will be asked to sign in. Would you like to share at an upcoming meetup? If yes, (you should say yes, everyone knows something they can share) submit a request at https://www.wpnigeria.org/call-for-speakers/

  • WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration

    Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel

    WordPress will be 15 years old this May 27th, 2018! On Sunday, May 27th, we will be having an event celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary. You are all invited! We will meet at the address listed on this event to enjoy some refreshments and a WordPress birthday cake to celebrate 15 years of WordPress in existence. We want to share our party photos and love for WordPress with the rest of the world using the dedicated hashtag #wp15. So please bring your smartphones, tablets, PCs, and/or cameras! Don't forget to spread the word and invite your friends. All new beginners to WordPress are welcome. There will be a 15 minute introduction to WordPress by 2.30pm. Be sure to invite all your interested friends and make sure to include the number of people you are bringing in your RSVP.

  • Come and learn WordPress 101 for Beginners

    T & D Telecomms

    • What we'll do Hello all, This Meetup is an introductory session targeted at beginners or users who are new to WordPress. The following topics will be covered and the schedule will be as follows: 10.00 am - Introduction 10:15 am - 10.55 am - First Presenter will cover: • Meet WordPress • How to set it up/install it • How to create pages and posts • How to add media into your site • How to manage your website 11.00 am - 11.40 am - Second presenter will talk on "Tips on how to protect your WordPress Website" 11:40 am - 12 noon - Questions and answers 12 noon to 12: 15 pm - **End of Meetup **Networking Time** • What to bring Your Personal Computer, Pen and Notepad • Important to know

  • Let's meetup to learn how to blog for visibility and profit

    At this Meetup, Mary Job will take us on a crash introductory course to blogging, how to get started with WordPress and how to blog for visibility and profit. Goals: At the end of this meetup, participants should be able to set up a blog on their own (for those who don't have one already) and set goals for their blog to become visible. Speaker Bio: Mary Job is a Writer, WordPress Evangelist, Tech Consultant at and Founder of How Do You Tech. She is a co-organizer of the Lagos WordPress Meetup Community and Lead Organizer of WordCamp Lagos 2018. She is proudly Ijebu, founder http://BloggingNigeria.ORG initiative, and co-founder RuralUrban.NG. Mary loves to teach young people how they can empower themselves using ICT tools within their reach. She stands by her belief that anyone can blog and everyone should. Find her on twitter @maryojob (https://twitter.com/maryojob)