Worum es bei uns geht

You develop your idea into a viable and sustainable venture? Join this group, if you are

• a founder, willing to roll up your sleeves and „DO“,

• an entrepreneur, juggling challenges,

• a project or product manager, leading or managing new product, service or business model development,

• generally interested in improving your knowledge and skills, to get and manage all the resources in order to successfully develop and build future-oriented ventures.

Large corporations have the resources to incubate and accelerate ideas to launch innovations on large scale. This Group’s vision is to enable startups and small and medium size enterprises to realize transformative innovations by pooling resources, running effective innovation processes, improving their innovation talent, and establishing a open innovation culture.

This Meetup Group is based on sharing ideas and experiences and will shape the innovation eco-system for start-ups, SMEs and corporations - and possibly your future.


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