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The 'Independent Asset Management Hub' meet-up aims to regularily bring various senior representatives of stake-holders with an interest in the Independent AM industry together. This is more relevant than ever given the various challenges independent asset managers face today with increasing regulatory and process related complexity, margin pressure and changing investor demand. At the same time, these challenges also offer opportunities for those who are willing to adapt when necessary and for new entrants in the market. The 'IAM Hub' is an optimal and truly independent and privately organized network to stay up to date with the ongoing developments.

Welcome are senior representatives of independent Asset Managers (of course) and financial intermediaries, Service Providers, FinTechs with a focus on asset and wealth management, SROs, etc.

The launch meet-up took place on 22 September 2015 in Zurich, hope you join us to benefit and to contribute at future events. Do not hesitate to invite your friends to become part of this meet-up group :-)

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