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Infracoders Hamburg
Infracoders Hamburg
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New year and finally new Meetups, for the January edition of the Infracoders Hamburg Meetup Inovex ( is welcoming us as host and provides us with an interesting talk:


Talk 1:

Sagemaker for Production? Lessons learned

AWS SageMaker is a high-level AWS service that is designed as an all-in-one Machine Learning tool. It provides options for the whole ML development pipeline, form explorative analysis via Notebooks over training and hyperparameter tuning jobs up to model hosting and serving. Additionally, there are several ways to use SageMaker, which makes it hard to get a clear understanding of the big picture of this tool.
Accordingly, this talk will focus on providing an intuitive understanding of what Sagemaker is, what it can be used for and where its limitations are.

@Jonas Laake

Talk 2:

Infrastructure as Code mit dem AWS CloudDevelopment Kit

In einer kurzen Hands-On Sitzung werden erste Schritte mit dem AWS CDK praktisch in Form von Code, Unit-Tests und Deployment vorgestellt und einige Erkenntnisse geteilt.

@Klaus Pittig

We're continuously searching for talks and hosting. If you're interested in giving a talk or hosting us don't hesitate to contact us.

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