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This group gives a platform to you as innovators, startups, universities and supporters of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (https://www.globalgoals.org/) #GlobalGoals

You can pitch 15 minutes as an active supporter, get 10 minutes of questions and feedback of the audience and 17 minutes is networking. Please register to attend this great 1000+ people community meet SAP Next-Gen visions, ideas and contacts. You will get for sure sustainable information, mindset and personal startup and innovation ideas.

The meetup is in English and free of charge. Let us welcome you with interesting talks, inspirational ideas, and unique acquaintances! ... and of course with cool drinks & tasty pretzels :)

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Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030 Vol. 9

AppHaus Heidelberg

Registration required: sign up here https://events.sap.com/de/meetup-2018/en/home 1. Valentin Kramer - AUCTEQ The growing AUCTEQ bioreactor reduces risky manual work steps to one single step. Instead of several vessels of increasing size, cells can be cultured in a single, expandable and closed system that flexibly adapts to the required volume of cell culture. This minimizes the risk of contamination, lowers working time, reduces plastic waste and saves costs. In particular, by reducing culture vessels, disposable materials and backups, plastic waste is reduced and the sustainability of cell culture processes increased. Valentin supports Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). 2. Vincent Hartung - Sinbad GbR Sindbad describes a Social Start Up from Heidelberg. The company creates jobs and integration opportunities for refugees. The team achieves this through work in catering and the distribution of homemade hummus. Thus, the company creates long-term prospects for a steady income and increase social cohesion in society. Sindbad as a company is designed to increase profits. But as a social start-up, it is also aware of its social responsibility. That is why the team is committed to sustainable production processes and good working conditions for its employees. In this way, they want to ensure that nature and society also benefit from their work. A characteristic that is also reflected in the UN sustainable development Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). 3. Michael Laux – SAP Michael is working at SAP in the area of innovation, mainly regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can get an impression looking at his blog: https://AnalytiXon.com. Michael is also taking care of “Ethics in Artificial Intelligence” and e.g. also providing a newsletter on this topic. This is directly related to the question how AI might contribute to the UN goals: Its an ambivalent question causing similar discussions as there are for nuclear power and cloning. Nevertheless AI will be part of almost every aspect of future human lifes and hence contributing to almost all UN sustainable goals. He will shed some light on this and wants to try to introduce the audience to the discussion by discussing aspects of AI and sample projects and initiatives.

Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030 Vol. 10

AppHaus Heidelberg

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Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030 Vol. 11

AppHaus Heidelberg

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Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030 Vol. 12

AppHaus Heidelberg

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Innovation with Purpose - Global Goals 2030 Vol. 8

AppHaus Heidelberg

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