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So… Massmedia ist the past? The recent answer from Seth Goddin to how marketing will change not only itself but economy is „Tribe Marketing“. Following his view it is upon you‘re passions with the people that fit you, which empowers you to make the most out of you’re work and time. Proposing to change the status quo as a leader of a tribe, a leader wannabe or borrow the audience from others/ target existing tribes.

This perspective allows us not only to step back from the conservative view that we have to change someones belief system to gain recognition, as a service provider or goods retailer, it also allows us to focus more on the added value of goods and services for specific „tribes“ = Potential supporters.

Encouraging thoughts but how to integrate this in you’re Marketingactions? In this Group we answear that question, besides guided meetings which allow us to visualize projects and passions, we will map these with potential existing tribes/ acknowledging the supportive communities there are and integrate common social media communication techniques. The goal is to encourage and you’re customer to find you. This Meetup also allows proffesionals in the field as well as interested ones to connect and exchange ideas on that topic as well as find smart ways together to integrate Tribe Marketing in your overall Marketing concept.

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