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This is a TRY OUT Evening for the physical acting course STAGE ENCOUNTERS - after October 3 the course will continue as a closed group. Everyone is warmly welcome regardless of acting experience. What works on stage? Why? What can I do to enhance my stage presence, what makes encounters on stage interesting to watch? what tools can I use? Here you shall find out! This 10 week course is a classical physical acting training through simple encounters on stage – that enable you to create and understand physical improvisation as a working ground for scene creation as well as character creation & development. These skills will be a useful base for classic dramatic acting as well as for improv. We will work with hightened energy levels (creating stage & character presence), explore the precision of physical expressions, the economy of movement, motor of action and social masks by exploring the different moments of people meeting on stage – in direct improvisations as well as in collective dramatic creations. We also put a focus on general improvisation skills that will enable you to build a scene together with your fellow actors. Evening Try Out Fee: 10 € http://inka-theatre.com/course/stage-encounters/

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Urbanstr. 116 Urbanhöfe · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

This is a group for people who are interested in international exchange via playing, performing and acting. We have different projects and workshops on offer.

We offer acting workshops for all levels of acting experience like

• Empowerment Through Theatre - series - this is a weekend workshop series that focuses on a different topic each time like empowering: Creativity, Presence, Authenticity, Status, Self Leadership, Play - we use theatre tools as a means to play around with a topic that drives us and share it in a playful yet profound way with each other

• Stage Encounters - an introductory course in physical theatre

• Playful Course In The Dramatic Arts - we mainly play - using theatre games and exercises to create lttle performances and experiences - a very joyful course to let loose, relax and get in contact with others in a very playful way

• Scene Studies - a course where you choose a scene from a play or movie and work on it with (a) scene partner(s)

• Creating Performance! - where you create and perform your own piece of original theatre

• Improvise This! - classical improv training - different levels of experience!

• ON THE MOVE - physical theatre workshop


Our aim is to use theatre, movement and play as a means to connect you to yourself, your bodyand other international people in Berlin via creative collaboration and social empowerment.

Our connecting language is English.

We work mainly in the area of Kreuzberg.

Our facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/International.Peop... (https://www.facebook.com/International.Peoples.Theatre.Berlin/)

our website: http://www.inka-theatre.com

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