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Preserving plant diversity in Gupfloch reserve
Forest clearings and forest meadows are very diverse and valuable habitat. In order to preserve the native plant and animal diversity, these biotopes need regular care. Through clearing the meadows, the natural process of bushing and growth of forest can be counteracted to preserve clearings. These activities contribute to the special forest reserve program in Gupfloch, which was created in the context of coping with the damage of the Lothar storm in December 1999. This is a fun day for middle-aged children (recommended 12 years and older) and adults to enjoy some physical activity in the stunning Gupfloch reserve while contributing to often neglected flora biodiversity. The day will include a lunchtime chat together and takes place together with the Pro Natura local group. Please do not attend this event without registering via the link below before[masked] https://events.wwf.ch/eventselection.aspx?eventid=79e3c52f-6f57-e811-a832-000d3ab48e6b.

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