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IoT Hessen is Frankfurt's first IoT meetup. It is open to all those who would like to take part in the development of the Internet of Things – be it as an active participant, as an observer or as a participant-observer. In regular evening events, we explore this new, exciting industry from different angles and in different formats: lectures, hackathons, discussions, and more. Currently our events take place in Frankfurt, but a long-term goal of this group is to organize meetups in other Hessian cities as well: Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Kassel etc.

Hype, engine of economic growth, innovation driver, technical gimmick: The Internet of Things (IoT) means something different to everyone. But all of us observe the proliferation of connected, intelligent devices and everyday objects. Since Kevin Ashton coined the term "Internet of Things" in 1999, the utopia that computers, sensors and actuators automatically exchange data and control one another is rapidly becoming a reality. This is also evident in the ubiquity of terms such as Industry 4.0, M2M, Industrial Internet or Internet of Everything. More and more traditional enterprises discover the IoT as a fountain of youth for their business. At the same time the IoT has inspired innovative business ideas on which many young startups thrive.


IoT Hessen ist das erste IoT Meetup in Frankfurt. Es steht allen offen, die an der Entwicklung des Internet of Things teilhaben wollen – als Teilnehmer, Beobachter oder teilnehmende Beobachter. In regelmäßigen Abendveranstaltungen möchten wir diesen neuen, spannenden Industriezweig gemeinsam und interdisziplinär erkunden – in Form von Vorträgen, Hackathons, Diskussionsrunden und mehr. Derzeit finden unsere Events ausschließlich in Frankfurt statt; langfristiges Ziel ist es aber, auch in anderen hessischen Städten Meetups stattfinden zu lassen: Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Kassel etc.

Hype, Wirtschaftsmotor, Innovationstreiber, technische Spielerei: Das Internet of Things (IoT) bedeutet für jeden etwas anderes. Aber wir alle beobachten die zunehmende Verbreitung vernetzter, intelligenter Geräte und Alltagsgegenstände in unserem Umfeld. Seit Kevin Ashton den Begriff „Internet of Things“ 1999 prägte, wird aus der einstigen Utopie, dass Computer, Sensoren und Aktoren selbständig Daten austauschen und einander steuern können, Stück für Stück Realität. Auch die Konjunktur verwandter Begriffe wie Industrie 4.0, M2M oder Internet of Everything spricht dafür. So entdecken viele Traditionsunternehmen im IoT einen Jungbrunnen, während sich junge Startups zu innovativen Geschäftsideen inspirieren lassen.

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Industrial IoT goes Open Source: Apache PLC4X Talks & Party (Meetup #33)

18 months after writing the first line of code and 16 months after entering incubation at the Apache Software Foundations Incubator, Apache PLC4X has finally graduated to become a Top-Level-Project. During the first wave of media attention, after the graduation announcement was published, high ranking decision-makers referred to Apache PLC4X as being: “The Holy grail of Brownfield-Data-Access for industrial automation”. We want to celebrate this big step with you all. We have therefore planned 2 talks on PLC4X and some real world use-cases followed by a little party. Please join us, if you want to get to know this great project and meet a large portion of the active community around it. Agenda: 18:30 Doors open, informal discussions and meet and greet with the community 19:00 Introduction to Apache PLC4X 19:30 Real-World Use-Cases in the Industry 20:00 Party Project page: http://plc4x.apache.org/ Introductory reading: https://blog.codecentric.de/en/2019/04/apache-plc4x-industrial-innovation/

IoT Data Storage: Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis (Meetup #34)

In this meetup, you'll learn more about three different Open Source NoSQL solutions and respective use cases for IoT data storage and streaming. As usual, please complete your registration by sending an e-mail to [masked] (mandatory!) There will be three short talks and a panel discussion on: Apache Cassandra: You maybe heard of companies like Apple, Netflix or Ebay. They own the largest Cassandra deployments in production. Apple's cluster is one of the largest with 75000 Nodes holding over 10 PB of data and Netflix is processing over 1 trillion requests per day. But what is the technology behind those clusters? I like to give you a short dive into the technology, explain some use cases I solved with it and discuss about your challenges and opinions. IoT in MongoDB: Sensor-enabled objects are unleashing torrents of data previously unimaginable. Production lines to patrol cars to pacemakers. New revenue beckons. But sensor data is only useful if you can do something with it. With MongoDB, you can make sense of sensor data, building applications never before possible. Faster. With less money. Redis: Since its first source code commit just over ten years ago, Redis has managed to become one of the most popular open source databases. Due its tiny footprint, lightning-fast performance and linear scalability it’s rapidly becoming the database of choice for IoT and embedded use cases which need real-time performance from their data stores. Catering even more to this area, redislabs, the company behind this open source project, has recently launched a special edition called RedisEdge which combines the power of native Redis with time series, streaming and orchestration functionality. After a brief introduction to Redis as an in-memory multi-model database, the talk provides an in-depth discussion of this new offering by using several IoT use cases. SPEAKERS: For Apache Cassandra: Dominique Rondé is a big data pilot and an employee of the InsureTech startup freeyou. He works with all sorts of technologies around the topic of "big data". However, most of his "flying hours" he has collected on the Apache Spark, Confluent Kafka and DataStax Cassanda. In everyday life, he also deals with the possibilities of statistical analysis - in short, data science. As a true Java nerd since 2002, he writes the code of most of the jobs himself and runs them on cloud architectures. For MongoDB: Ewgeni Hersonski (Senior Enterprise Account Executive) Ewgeni ispassionate about technology & disruptive use cases. As one of the very first local sales people in Germany (2015) for the market leader in NoSQL, Ewgeni has contributed towards the early customer footprints at MongoDB in Central Europe with some prominent customer stories. Marc Martin (Sr. Solutions Architect) Marc is passionate to enable companies to run their data driven applications in an efficient way to improve user experience and lower cost. He has 10+ years experience in managing applications and infrastructures. Before he came to MongoDB as a Solutions Architect, companies like Cisco AppDynamics, Riverbed and Compuware benefit from his broad experience. In addition he is a regular contributor within the user communities and an experienced speaker at user groups and conferences. For Redis: With more than 30 years of free and open source software experience, Dr. Christoph Zimmermann is one of Germany’s industry veterans in this field. In addition to his various community support activities including package management for a popular Linux distribution, serving on the board of a Linux User Group in addition to frequent speaker engagements at events such as Chemnitzer Linux Tage, OpenRheinRuhr, etc. he is looking after the user base of the popular in-memory database Redis for the German-speaking countries both as a community liaison and pre-sales consultant.

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