IoT Klagenfurt Talks: Isotel-IoT

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In this IoT Klagenfurt Meetup, Uros Platise, CEO and Founder of ISOTEL (, a build! startup, will tell us about Isotel-IoT ( for Rapid Development and Integration of Embedded Hardware with the IoT World.

Uros will present his solution for rapid development of embedded hardware for integration with the IoT. It is based on tiny network protocols initially developed for heterogeneous smart sensor networks and battery limited devices. Features very little network overhead, consumes minimal CPU resources, directly maps internal C-structure to web json objects and as such requires no host side programming. The project is going to be released as an open-source, soon.

Following Uros' presentation, Günter Obiltschnig will give a brief update on , his open source toolkit for building IoT device applications.