Smart Home in the Insurance industry

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In the next Meetup IIC Solutions & dc-square will demonstrate a Smart Home use case which they present in the insurance industry.

You want to create a business model based on smart home technology? Bad news: The all-embracing and adaptive smart home one can deploy easily and out of the box is still some years away. Nevertheless, both entrepreneurs and enthusiastic hobbyists can create lots of amazing things right now using inexpensive hardware and open source technology and take part in developing the systems of tomorrow.

In our talk we will demonstrate how you can build your own custom smart home systems today - whether you want to experiment or you want to create an innovative business model. We will do a live demonstration of some smart home functions in the broad field of home security and will also discuss how a product providing these functions could be used to support business models in the insurance industry.

To integrate our components - smoke detectors, switches and other sensors - we use the open source integration platform OpenHAB. Communication with components outside of the house, like cloud services and mobile phones, is done using the MQTT-Protocol. In our talk we will go into the technical details necessary to understand the concepts and to configure the platform.

Last but not least there will be lots of time to discuss your own ideas and experiences along with drinks and snacks.

Markus Mann [iic solutions GmbH]

Christian Götz [dc-square GmbH]