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Uncover what your customers really want and create growth strategies.
• uncovers true customer needs,
• quantifies potential for value creation and
• creates growth strategies that deliver predictable success.

We put Jobs-to-be-Done theory into practice with Outcome-Driven Innovation® process in a close partnership with Strategyn, LLC.

As a leading growth strategy and innovation consulting firm, Edizon helps companies grow in core, adjacent and new markets with a success rate that is five times (5X) the industry average. How is this possible? Over the last 26 years, we invented a customer-centric, data-driven innovation process that mitigates the risk of failure. Our results speak for themselves. Formulate a winning growth strategy with help from one of the top innovation and strategy consulting firms and service providers.

More information:
www.jobs-to-be-done.com (http://www.jobs-to-be-done.com/)

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JTBD Events 2020:
Download our JTBD Institute Program 2020 from our website:

💡 JTBD SUMMIT EUROPE: March, 25-26, 2020 in Vienna

💡 JTBD MASTER CLASS: June, 18, 2020 in Vienna

💡 JTBD BEST PRACTICE CLASS: October, 21-22, 2020 in Germany/Switzerland

As an introduction into Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven-Innovation®, we offer JTBD Webinars and these JTBD Sprints.

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2. Meetup and JTBD Sprint

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1. Meetup and Workshop: "Jobs-to-be-Done in practice with ODI®"

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