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It was almost exactly two years ago that we tackled ES6 Proxy for the first time at this meetup ( Now we have it on the agenda again.

This meetup will be very hands on, no slides, no talks - just talking, thinking, coding and sharing. Very often we do mob-programming, sometimes even in two mobs.

We will only discuss the Proxy object, which was introduced with ES6. On MDN ( it says it "is used to define custom behavior for fundamental operations (e.g. property lookup, assignment, enumeration, function invocation, etc)".

After talking and generating common understanding of what the Proxy does we are going to work on one dedicated task that can be solved with a Proxy. If you have an interesting real-life use case for it, please come forward and we let the participants decide which problem we will try to solve.

You can read about past meetups on gitlab (