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KIS? Keep it Simple & LOVE yourself is dedicated to helping people value themselves through Self-Love.

Every month there will be a different workshop focused on feeling fulfilled within in order to be the best versions of ourselves.

Our mission statement: Self-Love leads to Helping Others.

Happy people help others.
Hurt people hurt others.
Which one will you choose to be?

May your days be filled with valuing yourself through self-love.

Come join us and know that we are here with an open heart to learn together.

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TEDxUniGöttingen presents “Social Media” - 5 Talks

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3

Tedx events bring inspiration, innovation and experts who feel extremely passionate about sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world. After many events hosted by the experienced TEDxUniGöttingen team, this saloon event will be packed with prepared speeches around the theme of social media and all that it entails, which is the good, the bad and the ugly. We invite you join and be a part of another memorable and thought-provoking Tedx setup that will bring all who join value!

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