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Welcome to KONNEKT Berlin #Solo Pros

The KONNEKT Berlin #Freelance Collective is a personal and social peer-coaching support system for Berlin Solo Professionals who want to bring more presence, purpose, and power to their work while enjoying the shared connection, empowerment, and fun of a kickass peer community.

Do any of the following ring a bell?:

• As a Solo Pro, you enjoy flexibility, autonomy, and freedom... but also greater instability, risk, and uncertainty

• You get to (have to!) make all your own decisions, but you don't have a team to engage, inspire, mentor and coach you, or hold you accountable

• You have independence, but you're also isolated with little or no culture or community supporting you as a person being a focused high-performing professional on a daily basis, trying to manage your emotional and psychological needs at the same time.

That's where the Freelance Collective comes in...

gives Solo Pros an intimate, respectful, and encouraging team community platform to deeply share experience, vision, and challenges while inspiring and motivating each other to do more of what matters, more of the time, more successfully.

We use the KONNEKT social operating system which brings together the most essential elements of mindfulness, respectful communication, and performance coaching, so members can share a simple but powerful conceptual language.

Once you have attended a free INTRO basic training workshop, you can then join your own team of 5 other KONNEKTORS who will meet each week to review progress, explore what needs to be done next, and make commitments. Unlike a mastermind group, KONNEKT teams uses peer-coaching, active listening, and deep elicitation rather than prescriptive guidance.

Together with the latest evidence-based tactics for turbo-charged productivity, and of course, regular celebration along the way (yay!), this gives Solo Pros a hugely productive environment to give of your best - to your work, to your clients and customers, and to the world. Think of it as an awesome virtual exec board supporting your inner CEO!

The Collective is not just about getting things done more efficiently, or hanging out - important though both of those are - it's a laser-focused milieu for you to take complete ownership of your professional vision, strategy, and performance on an ongoing basis, while enjoying real intimacy in a like-minded community.

Your work, your success, and your happiness are important.

2016 is your year - the question is: are you going to OWN IT !?!

Solo Pros Unite! We're in this together!

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