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This group is for people who want to manage and release their stress and promote creativity. "Kalligrafie und Gesundheit" is developing programs that combine therapists' and calligraphy practice.

Academic studies have proven that calligraphy and related Asian art lead to more inner peace and help people to focus. This is the foundation for stress resistance, inner balance, aesthetic beauty, creativity, and life energy.

Although these approaches are often well-known, they are difficult to concretely experience and understand. That's why "Kalligrafie und Gesundheit" has developed a program that provides access to this important background information and practice.

As a result of our last Meet-ups, we designed a new format which completes therapy approaches with elements of calligraphy and Asian thoughts. Each session will be held by a specialized therapist and an expert for Asian Arts. The format will start with a trilogy of stress management:

• 02.11.2018, “Resources and Sources of Power” - What helps us to cope with the manifold demands in the course of everyday life. (Claudia Sommershuh, Expert for Stress Relief)

• 01.12.2018, "Self-protection: say no & boundaries” - maintaining your own stability and inner peace. (Melina Macho-Boldt, Expert for ReSTreL)

• 19.01.2018, “Reiki, Inner Balance and Energy Work” - The Power of Writing the Reiki Symbols” (Rikke Mogensen, Reiki Master and Teacher)

For further information please contact us via email: info@yishuge.org We also welcome therapists to participate in our format.

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