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Citrix Germany

Alter Schlachthof 51 · Karlsruhe

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After a brief pause KarlsruheJS is back on the 9th of December.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


18:30 Intro by Kahlil and Evgenij

18:45 Level Up Your Mobile Game by Tim Roes (https://twitter.com/tim_roes)

Tim created a mobile quiz game for the after party of a tech conference, in which players can join the game via their smartphone and take part in the journey to the top of the highscore.In this talk we will discuss several technical and functional challenges and solutions (WebSockets, ES2015, NodeJS ..) occurred during the development. Most important we will demonstrate the quiz by playing a JavaScript question version - so be prepared! There might even be some prizes.

ca. 19:15 Long Break

ca. 20:00 TypeScript Mit React von Marvin Dalheimer (https://twitter.com/MarvinDalheimer)

Nach einer kurzen Einführung in TypeScript werden wir gemeinsam eine einfache React-Komponente mit TypeScript erstellen. Dabei werden all die Fallstricke und Probleme erläutert, in die man während der Entwicklung der Komponente läuft. Danach werde ich euch meine bevorzugte Mischung aus Tools zeigen und kurz ihre Verwendung erläutern, um die Komponente ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand im Browser laufen zu lassen.

ca. 20:30 Short Break

ca. 20:45 Top 5 JavaScript Tools and Best Practices – with Microsoft, but without the Internet Explorer by Gregor Biswanger (https://about.me/gregor.biswanger)

There are a lot of professional and powerful JavaScript Frameworks, tools and class libraries available these days. This shows us, that JavaScript Development gains in importance. In this speech, Gregor Biswanger introduces his Top 5 tools. Including TypeScript to improve the development in a team and architecture planning. RxJS, for high-performance asynchronous development. Visual Studio Code as an alternative solution to Node Inspector, which enables an more effective debugging of NodeJS Applications.


This KarlsruheJS event is hosted by Citrix (http://citrix.de/). They provide location, technical equipment, food an drinks. Thank you Citrix!


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