Worum es bei uns geht

Hey everyone out there :D
I do try now to keep this short (even do it`ll be hard xD)
So basically this idea came up at one of my latest strolls around the forest.
The feeling or desire behind it is, because in childhood you normally have a great bunch of friends, you all have an awesome time and some of these friends even stay with you in your future life. But most of them you loose contact with because interests get different and people change. The people you meet in your future life are cool&nice and you`ll even find new friends. A real challenge is then to find people who could become as close to you like your friends in the kindergarten. Therefore I find traveling is the easiest way to find people like this, because you automatically meet similar minded people if you do stuff you like/love. But since it`s not possible to travel all the time for me currently, I thought about find a bunch of people like this around here :D I bet there are others like me and probably search crazy people for their awesome ideas aswell :) I can`t identify myself with most things of our `modern society`like for example, I`m quite a spontaneous person, means that mostly I`d book my holidays 2 weeks before I`d leave the country xD Or I decide on a Friday evening to wild camp in the mountains the next 2 days. But this does`t work quite well with most ideas of people around me. And like this it`s with other things as well. Therefore I hope that this platform will get used by all different kind of people and maybe I`ve gathered some readers who made it till this part of my text xD
So it really is just about later one people with similar ideas and dreams together. I now I could learn something from each and every one of you. So it would just be amazing if me and you maybe just would finde some new people on which I don`t have to explain every thought that gets through my mind and somebody who`s up to any cool activity.
I always wished to have a group of friends like this and maybe some of you out there had the same thought :)
I`m nearly crazy about how excited I am to meet new, cool, entertaining, fun, creative and adventure loving people and hope that my idea will work out xD

Maybe some random facts about me would help to get a little impression about...yeah me ^^
-Well I`ve visited several countries up until now, from which South Africa, Ireland, Tibet and Kanada left the most intense impression on me
-I love any kinda of outdoor activities such as geocaching, canoeing, archery, hiking, biking, camping....
-I love thunderstorms
-Oh and since I`m female and 19 years old I kinda look for people around my age like +/- 3 years :) Gender is not important
-I also pretend to be a lover of gaming and fantasy so combine both of them is like christmas xD
-Oh and maybe people
-Anything that goes with the Middle Ages I find also very fascinating
-I quite like to spend evenings at poetry slams
-And if there would be any sciences which I refer to be very interested in it would be philosophy, biology, geology, ecology well yeah just most of natural sciences
-Music is quite important to me but since I`m quite open for most genres I`d visit a lot of concerts, evened my preferences lie on Indie, Rock Ska and some old school House
-I`m a fan of deep conversations haha along as they`re not to sad xD
-And I really do enjoy watching the stars on a field (except there are mosquitos) Well I`d just finish at that point (I mean just because the plan was to keep it short ^^)
I`m ready for any kind of adventure somebody would like to dive in ;)
So I hope that maybe a community will form of wich most members have searched a place like this for long so maybe we could get some cool things started together :D
Let`s be real! ;)

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