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This is a meetup to discuss and help each other with React, React Native and all things associated with the focus on web and mobile development.

Everyone from the mildly curious to React and React Native core committers is absolutely welcome.

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React(Native) Meetup #14

Fleet7 - Coworking Space

Welcome to the 14th React(Native) Meetup Kiel. Everyone is welcome to join us, whatever your experience with React or other web technologies is. Talks: • Fast Forward: Migrating a 2008 jQuery product to React — Lars Kühne & Sebastian Buck • Contact me with your suggestions! Our host this month is Fleet7 (https://www.fleet7.de/), who are graciously providing the space! Clarifydata (https://www.clarifydata.org/) will kindly supply soft drinks and beer. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

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React(Native) Meetup #13

Alte Mu Impuls - Werk e.V.

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