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Here is the Foundation of the Kingdom.one. A completely digital state in the blockchain. With the Kingdom we want to be a role model for a free and peaceful world. In doing so, we are creating a fusion of tradition, innovation and faith to enable an open society and open government for all people in the world. We build and export the first world peace. #Blockchain #GovTech #FinTech #MobilityTech #Heathcare #InsureTech

A global grassroots movement to establish democratic participation within globalisation.

Our Positions:

1. We have global problems but only local governments.

2. We need global citizen representation in order to tackle global issues.

3. Running the world on national and corporate goals will only aggravate global problems.

4. If we the people want to participate in globalization, we better get organized. Bottom-up and not top-down.

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