Get started with R - Data visualisation workshop with ggplot2

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Go to the back of the building, take the lift or stairs to the 4th floor.

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You want to learn how to easily make wonderful graphics in R?
Look no further than this workshop!

In the next installment of our workshop-series "Get started with R", David will introduce you to the world of ggplots and give you an overview of the possibilities and options available.

There is no prior knowledge required for the workshop, except for some basic R knowledge and some easy data wrangling.
First, we will recap how we can organise data in R, then we will look at the basic concepts of ggplot2.
Lastly, we will learn how to fine-tune our graphic and apply different visual styles to make beautiful plots.

There is only limited space available, so don't forget to RSVP asap. :)

Looking forward to the workshop!

1) Quick recap of data representation
2) Introduction to ggplot2
3) Elements of a ggplot
4) Fine-Tuning a plot

18:15 Arrival
18:30 Kick-off
21:30 The End


Bring your own laptop with R and RStudio installed, make sure that you have the tidyverse installed (install.packages("tidyverse"), or at least ggplot2)