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The Kotlin User Group Hamburg is for everyone who is interested in Kotlin, the awesome programming language by JetBrains.

Doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an expert, an old-fashioned Java Developer, more into Android or even into embedded Programming - we all want to learn more about Kotlin and have some fun together!

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[VIRTUAL] Server-Driven UI in Compose


Hello, fellow Kotliners!

We are doing another 🌍 event together with the Virtual Kotlin User Group!

It's time for our next virtual get-together. This time Himanshu Singh will give us his talk "Server-Driven UI in Compose".

Here is the abstract:
Now, designing server-driven UI using views is a thing of the past. With Compose in the picture, the time has come to start building server-driven UI using Compose!
We might have seen declarative UI being used to build UI using server response on different platforms. Now it's time to start declarative server-driven UI in the Android ecosystem as well.

We will learn,
1. Start understanding server-driven architecture
2. Building the components
3. Handle multiple device sizes
4. Use composables!

About the speaker:
Himanshu is a Google Dev Expert for Android and a Senior Engineer at Roomi. His area of expertise is architecture and UI in Android. He is an open-source contributor, blogger and speaker.

We are also always looking for speakers and talks. Let us know and don't be shy, we are a friendly bunch and are happy to help you with your speaker career.

You can reach us here through meetup or on the #vkug channel on the Kotlinlang Slack. Get an invitation here: https://surveys.jetbrains.com/s3/kotlin-slack-sign-up

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