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Kundalini Yoga in North Berlin
Kundalini Yoga nach Yogi Bhajan beruht auf einem jahrtausendealten System zur Harmonisierung von Körper und Geist und fördert nachweislich den Erhalt der physischen und mentalen Gesundheit. Dynamische Körperübungen, Atemarbeit und Meditation bewirken Entspannung, bauen Stress ab und aktivieren die Selbstheilungskräfte. Montag, 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr im Toller 31, Tollerstraße 31, Nähe S Wilhelmsruh Einzelklasse: 15€, 3er-Karte: 40€ Karolina ist 3H0-zertifizierte Kundalini Yoga-Lehrerin, Ayurveda-Gesundheitsberaterin und Massagetherapeutin. Sie studiert und unterrichtet Yoga und Ayurveda in Indien und Deutschland. [masked] www.theyog.com www.facebook.com/theyogblog

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Would you like to get back into tune with the rhythms of nature and learn about the ancient technologies of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda? Find out what are the healthiest lifestyle and diet choices according to season? Free yourself from toxins, boost your immune system, relax and raise your energy levels?

Or you would like to do yoga and meditation but often feel like it is "too much" or overwhelming for you, as if the practice makes you even more sensitive? Then you belong probably to us high sensitive people...

Yoga and High Sensitivity

High Sensitive People are often already open in the higher chakras which can lead to a highly overstimulated nervous system. They have special needs in a yoga class. Instead of pushing the energy higher and higher as is often the case in Kundalini for HSP (high sensitive person)I rather recommend to calm the nervous system and build up a protective shield to help face the challenges of daily life.

Karolina Darshan

Karolina Darshan is a HSP and Berlin-based Kundalini Yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant. Come to her weekly Kundalini classes at Toller31 every Monday, 7-8:30pm or in the Moos Nest, at Moosdorfstraße 6 every second wednesday evening of the month.

She also offers private yoga classes and ayurveda consultations and regular workshops and intensives. Get your personal yoga consultation and find out which yoga style benefits your constitution and lifestyle! She helps you to develop your own bespoke yoga practice and show you exercises that keep you balanced, relaxed and stress-resistant.


In a personal Ayurveda consultation Karolina shows you which diet and lifestyle choices are most beneficial for your individual body type and personal situation according to the ancient technology of Ayurveda. Check out her website (http://www.theyog.com/) for more info.

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