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We meet once a month at different locations in Leipzig to discuss everything related to professional software development. We are not focused on a particular language or framework. To get an idea here are some things we've done in the past: tech presentations, coding dojos, lean coffee, mob programming or just having a drink together. Just come along.

Note: The previous name of this group was "Softwerkskammer Leipzig" .

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All eyes on Kafka Streams

Kreuzstraße 7

This time we help to bootstrap the newly founded Leipzig-Kafka meetup. !!! To RSVP for this event please head over to their meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Leipzig-Kafka/events/268418945/ !!! Talk 1: Developing streaming applications with Kafka - an introduction Leveraging Apache Kafka we can easily develop streaming applications. In this talk, we will give an overview of the Kafka Streams DSL and of KSQL to develop streaming application and discuss typical use-cases. Talk 2: Time Series Analysis… using an Event Streaming Platform Advanced time series analysis (TSA) requires very special data preparation procedures to convert raw data into compatible formats. In this presentation you will see typical processing patterns for TSA, from simple statistics to reconstruction of correlation networks and interaction graphs. The first case is relevant for anomaly detection and to protect safety. Reconstruction of graphs from time series data is a very useful technique to better understand complex systems like supply chains, material flows in factories, information flows within organizations, and especially in medical research. With this motivation we will look at typical data aggregation patterns, how to apply analysis algorithms in the cloud, and into a reference architecture for TSA on top of the Confluent Platform, which is backed by Apache Kafka.

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