Living Room Concert No. 25

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+++ RSVP for concert goers opens on January 27th at 8pm +++

Welcome to the 25th edition of Living Room Concert Hall, a non-commercial and community-curated concert series for everyone who loves live music. The concert takes place literally in someone's living room, so only 25 seats will be made available.

Download our evening program here: (

Chopin Scherzo op. 39 no. 3
Greek dance melody Zagorisios
Tanguay & Félix-Díaz Bajo los Perales / Ita de Mostaza / Las Alondras
Sun Ju Jian (Chance Meeting)
Bortkiewicz Prelude op. 40 no.2
Vierne Prelude op. 38 no. 12
Tanguay & Félix-Díaz Robar el Día
Martí Bitches Barking at the Moon / Open Doors (to Himalayas)

There are 2 ways you can participate in the Living Room Concert Hall:

1. As performing musicians

Share your music with us and perform anything you fancy. There's a piano and an acoustic guitar in the living room. Please message the organizer with the music you'd like to perform (TITLE/COMPOSER/LENGTH) before January 27th, and a spot will be reserved for you. Each performing musician can bring one guest to the concert. Please inform the organizer immediately if you're bringing someone so your +1 can be added to the list before all the spots are taken.

2. As concertgoers

Come and enjoy an evening of music and fun as a member of the audience. Since spot priorities are given to performing musicians, you will have to RSVP on the website yourself, which opens on January 27th at 8 pm. As spots are very limited, you cannot bring any guests with you. On the day of the concert, please either bring a bottle of wine or juice to share with everyone, or contribute 1 Euro or 2 to cover the running expenses.

+ Important information for everyone +

1. The concert takes place on Saturday, February 3rd. Door opens at 7:30 and concert starts promptly at 8 pm, after which my phone and the intercom will be off throughout the evening. Please make sure you arrive before 8 pm (but not earlier than 7:30).

2. We typically have around 50 minutes of music for the evening, with a 10-minute break where appropriate. Each performing musician would take a minute or 2 to introduce their music to the audience, so the whole thing should wrap up before 10 pm. After the concert, everyone is invited to stick around, mingle and hang out. It's a great opportunity to make friends and find your music buddies.

3. There's no food served at LRCH; you should probably consider having dinner before the concert.

4. Most people will be sitting on the floor cushions; please notify the organizer in advance if you have any mobility issues and he'll try to sort things out for you.

5. Please be considerate and always update your RSVP immediately if you have a change of plans, so someone on the wait list can get your spot in time to join us.

6. Visit our FAQ ( page for more information, or leave your questions in the comment section below.

++ Important information for first time LRCH attendees ++

If you're attending the concert for the first time and you don't know the organizer personally, please call the organizer at least 24 hours before the concert for his address, otherwise your spot will go to someone else on the wait list.

See you at LRCH!