Laravel Meetup September

Laravel Hamburg
Laravel Hamburg
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Hello Artisans,

finally, the first Meetup of 2017 is coming!

Our kind friends from ABOUT YOU will be our hosts for this evening and they are also offering snacks and drinks just for you.

There will be three talks each roundabout 30 minutes.


Testing in Laravel - an introduction
by René Kulik @rene_kulik (

Testing is one of the most important parts in software development. Not only to make sure features work like expected, but also to ensure new components do not have repercussions on the existing codebase.

In order to support testing, Laravel provides a wide range of functionalities. With these you are able to create different kinds of tests - from basic unit tests, over tests against the database, up to browser tests.

During a live coding session some of the presented concepts will be demonstrated.

- Testing in general
- Overview of Laravel’s test functionality
- Live coding


From zero to Chatbot with BotMan
by Marcel Pociot @marcelpociot (

Chatbots are the friendly new helpers that arise in every industry. How will they help you? How can we develop them? How can tools like natural language processing help the user experience?
Let us find out how to create an intelligent chatbot using PHP, BotMan and Laravel.


Functional concepts in PHP and JS
by Sebastian Stach @StachOverflow (
and Kim Hogeling @KimHogeling (
shopping24 internet group

Functional programming has become more common and mainstream during the last few years.

To get started with functional concepts, nowadays you don’t need to learn a new programming language like Haskell or Scala.

You can near it step by step even in PHP with Laravel or in JS.

What you can expect:
- Why you should use it
- examples in PHP and JS
- live coding